Thursday, August 12, 2021


DEAD TO RIGHTS, a romance short story of fictional mayhem and murder, begins for Whitney Rhoades on a day which just happens to be Friday the 13th, under the magical glow of a spectacular full moon.

What could possibly go wrong?

Police dispatcher Whitney Rhoades has one word for her current life…contentment. Even after a disfigured body is discovered near her home. When word gets out she’s found a piece of a broken mirror, the deadly mishaps begin to pile up, and her peaceful world becomes a nightmare.

Veteran detective Gabriel Tate knows a vendetta when he sees it. What he doesn’t know is who wants Whitney dead. But despite her terror, she tosses his offer of protection back in his face. She trusted him once, and he betrayed her. He can’t…won’t…let that happen again.

Unless he can regain her trust—and soon—the results could be fatal. Find a murderer, or risk losing her again…permanently.

One step off the path could be her last.

Friday the 13th is considered to be a dreaded date on the calendar when natural disasters and human catastrophes of all kinds are destined to occur.

Even though various studies have found no evidence this is true, a number of businesses, particularly airlines, experience a major decrease in customers on the greatly feared day. In some high rise buildings, a 13th floor simply doesn’t exist, though floors 1 through 12 and 14 through however many more there are, do.

Thankfully, Friday the 13ths as we know them, occur few and far between. Three Friday the 13ths are the most that can take place in any given year. This particular year contains only one. Today, Friday August 13, 2021, so I figured I’d better take advantage.

Full moons, on the other hand, or not, are noted for insanity, as in lunacy and lunatic, as well the time for a variety of magical phenomena. Unlike Friday the 13ths, full moons occur once a month, every month. A full moon is actually the result of the moon’s entire surface being illuminated by the sun’s rays when the two celestial bodies align perfectly, directly opposite each other.

The energy of a full moon is said to heighten emotions and mental processes for either good or evil.

Much to ponder for sure. Friday the 13th, a fateful date famous for bad luck, and its astrological counterpart, a mystical, yet at times treacherous, full moon.

What could possibly go wrong? Read DEAD TO RIGHTS to find out.