Monday, November 9, 2020



Write what you know, the first tenet of all writing. In order to properly share an idea, a news report, or even a piece of fiction, every writer must be familiar, if not well versed in their particular subject. Otherwise, why bother?

With that in mind, imagine my dilemma when I was asked to be part of a group of 13 authors, each writing a Friday the 13th story, with the tag line ~ Murder and Mayhem on Friday the 13th.

While it’s possible I know a bit about mayhem, personal knowledge in any way, shape or form about murder was totally beyond my expertise. Having never been a murderer and all, nor do I ever plan to be, how in the world was I going to pull this writing project off?

Enter family and friends to the rescue. Not murderers, of course, but all with backgrounds in law enforcement and investigations. My own personal resources, willing to help.

So, on a camping vacation this summer, while sitting around our nightly campfire sharing our day, talking, laughing, roasting marshmallows and such, we plotted my own personal mayhem and murder contribution for this Friday the 13th group.

Allow me to introduce DEAD TO RIGHTS, A Friday the 13th Story.


Police Dispatcher Whitney Rhoades has one word for her current life…contentment. Even after a disfigured body is discovered near her home. When word gets out she’s found a piece of a broken mirror, the deadly mishaps begin to pile up, and her peaceful contented world becomes a nightmare.

Veteran Detective Gabriel Tate knows a vendetta when he sees it. What he doesn’t know is who wants Whitney dead. But despite her terror, she tosses his offer of protection back in his face. She trusted him once and he betrayed her. He can’t…won’t let that happen again.

Unless he can regain her trust…and soon…the results could be fatal. Find a murderer or risk losing her again…permanently. 

Available for pre-order, DEAD TO RIGHTS will officially release on, when else, this Friday the 13th.